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The T’Relak is quite literally a creature of Legend and Severance. Created by Valice as a servant adept at hunting down Heralds and creatures of higher legend in the realms of Severance. This chromatic skinned drake embodies a lot of the qualities which the Avatar of Cruelty and Nature admires. It is a hunter without peer, able to track the blood of its prey within its domain. They are however reluctant to travel very far, as they hibernate beneath a stone skin during the day, only breaking out when the light of the stars stirs their strange legendary prismatic-ochre ichor to life. Some suggest that Valice intentionally built this weakness in to balance out their other strengths and prevent the T’Relak from spreading viciously throughout all nature.

Although the T’Relak were created by Valice, they are no longer under her control. Like most of the alien creatures which Valice has created, she has left them to their own survival.They in no way should be considered as one of her Herald’s as they would just as likely attack her, or her servants if they got the chance. Unlike the Dragons upon which they are partly modelled, they do not have much intelligence or loyalty to their own kind. A T’Relak is a solitary hunter, mostly found in the wastes of Dracarra.

The most recent sighting in Carrathon was of a young T’Relak which was used in the attack at the Festival of Arkensal in Dardaris. Having been brought from Dracarra, dragged across the Scorched Plains in a large iron cage by Red Wind and his band of Edran Trell, the T’Relak proceeded to hunt Cett on the night where she would be weakest. However, the plot was foiled by the Saviours of Dardaris, who interceded and destroyed the T’Relak outside the Fountains of Fortune and the Halls of Justice in Dardaris’ main market. Having been defeated the T’Relak left a stone statue in the centre of the town which proved unmovable, and has now become a permanent reminder of that fateful night.

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