As the dust settled outside of Dardaris and brave heroes would sit down to rest, Gaston would take it upon himself to answer the questions of the masses as only his body was broken but his patience was more intact than they who had fought the beast. As they gathered around him, he would start to speak:

Gather round, children of all ages, and hear the tale of what has transpired here today by yours truly and the bravest warriors you can hope to meet in your lifetime, as well as I in mine.

You see, it is not by chance I travelled here all the way from the Icy Wold, my homeland of the Jotun giants. I wish my size made my kin proud, but my deeds today shall surely do so. As a merchant it is far too long a route and as a prophet there are far more places that would require my message than the magnificent people of Dardaris.
Surely, what brought me here were the winds of great disturbance that I saw a long time ago. It brought me on yearlong journeys from beyond Carrathon to Dardaris exactly when I was needed here. It brought Seppa here to give the Guards the tools to defend the city, while it brought such wandering warriors as the frightening Ar’gen, the stout Darc and the mighty Faris exactly when they were needed. Sometimes I could even swear the shadows were on our side.

We prophets see the world differently. The people of Dardaris were in the most danger now, although back then it would be in 2 years, as the enemy would strike while you were least expecting it. Or so I thought when I stepped into this magnificent city, and today I once again I learned to trust the path Sang showed me when Red Wind and his fearsome crew stormed the gates. To Sang I owe my very life this moment as some of you must have seen, but for those who were smart or fast enough to flee I shall tell this story too.

The details of how I arranged my stages and the positioning of some guards for your safety I shall not bore you with, but when it was all in place, there they were: The sandstorm in the distance with the big box towering behind them. Their horses riding like the wind with their riders on their backs and strength in their numbers. They rode with such force as to break through the walls of the gate, because this box was too big to fit through; such was its magnificence.
This means little to a blacksmith able of forging much greater things than big boxes, as Seppa rode the box to the ground and tamed it with his hammer; all this while Ar’gen, Faris and Darc would fend off the dozen warriors from the desert. Ar’gen herself managed to even make him flee this town after a savage battle, leaving her, Darc, Seppa and Faris alone after they were slain. What became of their leader after this the fates will not tell me.
Dozens of warriors came from the north, which alliance they belonged to I know not, but fearsome they were. Their blades drawn, there were aiming to slay all citizens in sight! Can you imagine, trained mercenaries cutting down civilians, what honour must they not lack! But the stout Darc would have none of it, bracing them all with a cry of victory.
But the will of an army I nothing compared to the blade of Faris, as he slew half of them and their leader as the rest scrambled to cower in fear with their tales between their legs.
Then the beast stepped out of its box.

Most witnessed what transpired upon the arrival of this horrid creature, which surely is born out of nightmares and manifested in reality thereafter. I wish you to fix your gaze onto this mighty beast you see before you and the mighty men who risked their lives and limbs to save every single one of you. I could even sense its presence before it arrived and tried to move as many you to the north as possible; away from where it would arrive. I must however admit, I did underestimate its horridness.
How many were trampled to death I do not wish to remember, nor the sight of all I failed save. When I gazed upon the last of them that was stunned at the mere sight of the beast. I was unable to move her, but Jasar, Master of the Scales, Avatar of Seasons, Seeder of farms, in all his glory held off the beast long enough for help to arrive.
And glory be to Sang, Avatar of Light, cleanser of Blood, Stitcher of Bones, as he came to my side when I needed him the most. I held high this knife, the Ameliorating Knife of Sang, and called upon his name in my heart. It cut through the beast’s claw so it might never hurt another being again; which claw it was I did not see before it slammed it into my side and sent me into that puddle of blood over there. My trusty servant LaFue was soon by my side, so I could witness how Faris would cut open its wings, Seppa force it to the ground, Ar’gen maul it to bits and Darc cut it open. Never before have I beheld such bravery in the face of death, as a shadow carried off the last woman out of harm’s way and fate closing in on the beast.

You have all been blessed this day. You are all those who survived turmoil, who survived chaos, who witnessed legendary warriors who shall stand against all the horrors of the world that would hurt you. I shall tell their stories, and so shall you now I have told it. Let them never be forgotten. Forgetting them would make all the lives lost today have been in vain. Go and tell my story, so you may help me create a world where all this unnecessary pain is abolished, where strong warriors stand to defend those unable to fend for themselves and create harmony and peace in a world that needs it.
Now go so that I may tend to my wounds, and more importantly the wounds of others. Your attention is needed elsewhere, where there are thousands of questions to be answered and now you have the answers to them. Go tell them masses just as I have told you. Go now as you still have the strength the beast took from me.


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