The Chronicles Of Severance

On the Eve of the Finale and Finale Intermission

“On the Eve of the Finale”
It has been a short three days since I teamed up with these strangers, minus Gaston, of course. I had met Gaston much earlier, travelling with him and his followers southward to the city of Dardaris. After travelling with Gaston and hearing about his cause, I earnestly hope he will succeed. The world is dark enough, it needs a little hope. I have even decided to aid his cause, when it won’t interfere with my own goals.

The other four that were hired by our employers were complete strangers to me. Seppa, a large and noble smith; Faris, a mysterious desert warrior; Ar’gen Dai, a human-hating, Sar’za, bounty hunter; and Donkey Dundee, a confident rogue. Seppa, despite his stature, is a brilliant and caring individual, while retaining the brute strength his form implies. Faris is also a generous individual, without his tips on desert garb, I would most likely have succumbed to heat stroke from my heavy armor. Ar’gen seems brash and hot-headed, however, from what I hear of his combat abilities, he can back it up. I look forward to finally seeing him in action, though I am hesitant about the outcome of tomorrows’ activities. Finally, Donkey Dundee is… flippant, though it is clear that he is an excellent… infiltrator.

I also found some time to delve into the origins of the blade I carry, Sigmund’s Sword. One of my employers was able to give me some information about the relic. The script on the blade is supposedly the language of death, and because of how the script splits it has multiple translations. I was told that it could mean “Guardian of Death” or “Traitor of Death.” In addition, the blades’ previous owner was Jin, Avatar of the Dead. Even more troublesome is the fact that the blade has a lost twin. This blade, steeped in death, seems to bode ill. However, I know that I will need such a fine sword, but I worry what it will cost me…

Despite my waning faith in the Avatars, I visited the Temple of Cel in an attempt to discover any hints about the location of my lost brother. Astoundingly, Cel answered my prayers, in a fashion. A star, reflecting in the pool, brightened intensely, shining distinctly from the others in the pool. This star, the 2nd in the Belt of Veil, has some meaning which I fail to grasp at the moment. If only the Avatars answered intelligibly, still it is nice to know that the Avatars have not all cursed the Volsungs.

Donkey Dundee, despite how he annoys me at times, has discovered a corrupt and vile creation of my brothers’ “art.” I had hoped his more recent… pieces… would be lost in obscurity. No one should have to gaze at the brutalities and destruction he paints in his victims’ blood. I yearn for the days before, when his art was directed at good, worldly things. I still remember his benevolent painting of our courtyard. The ways he blended the natural beauty of the flora with the stark strength and splendor of our manor walls, all while adding just a hint of ethereal divinity still bring tears to my eyes. I long for a return to those days. Back when I had so much faith in the Avatars, when Voyd painted splendor rather than pain and before Aldchar marched away so long ago.

“Finale Intermission”
Darc rode, courtesy of Landris’ horse gathering prowess, a chestnut brown horse, which he named Lasagna, through the city. Darc piloted Lasagna towards the decelerating box and Jaks’ Irregulars, interspersed among drunken civilians. Upon nearing the crowd, Darc saw a large group of city guards charging towards his allies. Observing the crowd near him he doubted they would hold against the guards’ charge.

Darc screamed to the crowd, “People of Dardaris, These vile city guardsmen have betrayed Jasar! They have betrayed the Avatar of Seasons and Wealth on one of his great festivals! They dishonour the Patron of Merchants and this great festival! Their treachery must not go unpunished…”

He could see a visible change in the crowd. Individuals seemed inspired to stand and fight; they had received his Blessing of Bravery.

Pleased with his newly encouraged allies, Darc turned just in time to see the immense metal box succumb and decay under Seppas’ blows. As Seppa leaped, rather awkwardly, from the contraption, it fell apart to reveal an enormous lizard statue. Puzzled at the seemingly random lizard statue, Darc quickly became alarmed as the statue began to change, seemingly gaining life.

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