The Gates Of Severance


An old tome, leather bound and embossed with an unknown branded sigil.


One of three known books on the subject of the Gates. Written by an unknown author and kept in the library of Askal of Dardaris. The book was recently stolen by Councillor Reese during the T’Relak attack at the Festival of Arkensan. The book was discovered to be missing later the next day. Askal gave some of the most pertinent knowledge to the Saviors of Dardaris. However, the book is said to contain much more, perhaps even the exact location and mannerisms of the Gates within Carrathon, and a few beyond.

Askal revealed that the closest gates were…

The Gate Catharsis which could be found between the forests of El’Tarron and the Misty Isle of the lake Teiatarra

The Gate Apotheosis which could be found in the unchartered wastes North of Dardaris over the hills and West of Darn-Mittel

The Gate Nemesis which could be found South of Shallow off the coast of Carrathon in the Verte Ocean.

Although it was also rumoured that Gates existed closer by in the Scorched Plains or Chasm’s Deep. Those these are only rumours, and would certainly require the book to find.

The other known gates were Hubris known to be South of Carrathon in the lands of The Old Burras Empire, and Schism which stands in the harsh lands of Dracarra

The Gates Of Severance

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