Sigmund's Sword

weapon (melee)


  • Hidden?


  • +2 Accuracy
  • +2 Damage
  • +2 Defense

Much of the history of Sigmund’s Sword is shrouded in mystery. Darc Volsung acquired the blade during his escape from his families’ manor following tragic events. This powerful sword was last wielded by Jin, the Avatar of the Dead. It is unknown how it went from Jins’ hands to Darc Volsung. In addition, the sword has a twin, whose name is lost.

The unique blade has a spike on each edge, multiple centered, almost triangular, holes along the flat of the blade. The ancient blade is etched with an archaic language, the language of death. The obscure method that the writing is placed, where grooves in the blade split the words, leads to two possible translations. “Guardian of Death” or “Traitor of Death.” The sword also has, written upon the hilt, its name.

Darc Volsung can feel some latent power in the sword, however, he has no inkling of its hidden abilities.

Sigmund's Sword

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