Returning Boomerang Knife

A knife that acts as a lethal boomerang, or a lethaboomerang that acts like a knife?

weapon (ranged)

Accuracy +0
Defense +0
Lethal or Bashing +2

Nothing special, it seems to keep returning… Donkey couldn’t get rid of it even if he tried…


Donkey remembered when one of his oldest friends game him his boomerang and his fedora. Jini was a middle aged man, although he had has his share of adventures. He was a historian/treasure hunter. One day before Jini disappeared he gave Donkey his boomerang and his fedora. He did not say anything except that he had to leave and that Donkey needed these items more than he did.

Donkey has not seen Jin Dione Iones for years (Donkey calls him Jini for short). In fact the last time he saw Jini was three days before he lost his home and hometown.

Returning Boomerang Knife

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