Mask of Ar'gen Dai

Under the mask, there is a warrior...


The mask is Ar’gen Dai’s distinctive symbol, worn not to hide, but rather to highlight his presence. It has no special powers.


While still in his parental clan, Ar’gen would often participate in tournaments which were organized as one of the most popular games during celebrations of the Sar’za new year, and rarely ever finished it without winning at least one of the events. The favourite one among the young was the ‘survival hole’, in which the competitor had to last as long as he could facing unarmed a paray’sol – large, aggressive, six-legged omnivore often found in the desert areas. In his last celebration before leaving for the Scorched plains Ar’gen not only managed to stay on his feet longer than most of the others, but he managed to maim and almost kill the creature with his bare hands.

With this deed he won the favour of matriarch of the clan Gen, who gave him as a symbol of appreciation of his skills a simple metal mask with thick stripe of blue – the colour of the clan. Ar’gen proudly wears the mask to this day, although he has altered it not only to hide his face, but also to protect him from attacks. During the years the mask was upgraded with leather plates which protect the sensitive headtails and with orange fangs painted on top of the mask as a symbol of clan Dai which accepted Ar’gen into their ranks after his rite of passage.

Mask of Ar'gen Dai

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