Gaston's Ameliorating Knife

weapon (melee)

Dice Pool: Stamina + Medicine
Cost: 1 Legend or 1 Willpower, SPECIAL- Takes +1 lethal damage
The Scion can repair a patient’s injuries. He can heal as many health
levels of bashing damage as his player gets successes
on a (Stamina + Medicine) roll. Doing so costs one
Legend. Alternatively, he can downgrade a number of
health levels equal to successes on the roll from lethal to
bashing damage. Doing so costs one Willpower.
The Scion can use this Boon on the same person only
once per day. He can use it on as many different people
in the same day as he can afford to spend the points.

Knife statistics:
+1 accuracy
+1 damage


A gift from Sang, Gaston cherishes it and sees it his duty to sacrifice some of his own health to preserve that of others.

Gaston's Ameliorating Knife

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