Small, especially when next to his master, devout, fast speaking, reliable


A follower of Gaston, he is fully devoted to his cause. As such he is Gaston’s right-hand man and usually in charge if Gaston is not nearby. Though his comrades in the cause are often sent to stay different towns to spread the word, Lefou will not leave his master’s side. It is unsure whether his allegience is stronger to Gaston himself than the cause, as given the chance he will boast of how amazing Gaston is “No one blanks like Gaston” would be his motto, if he had one.

This has led to some unfortunate incidents where he has portrayed his brothers (and himself) as Gaston worshippers rather than servants in the cause of Peace. Some of the others feel uncomfortable speaking of the good traits of their leader due to this, which hinders their goals in some of the the different places they are stationed. He usually gets a quite strained relationship with those who stay in the party for longer periods of time due to this too. If he does this in the presence of Gaston, although he gladly takes it for a while once it shows him as more full of himself than glorious, he will shut Lefou up.

When this does not become a problem, Lefou is a very nice person, even if he suffers a bit of stress from always wanting to fully take advantage his time. This can be heard in his speech as he stutters from saying too much too fast.


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