Kal, apprentice blacksmith

Soft spoken but sociable, Kal is Seppa loyal second


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Kal is a young man, born in Dardaris and estranged from his family. He was Seppa’s first apprentice and is now a very capable blacksmith himself. He is fiercely loyal to the stoic giant and believes himself indebted to him, although Seppa refutes this. Kal is ruggedly handsome and well built. His years at the forge have given him great strength, but he was in fact born with a handicap. His left leg is stunted and cannot support him without a cane. Kal has, however, not used a cane in years, thanks to the metal brace that now covers his weak leg. It was designed by Seppa and allows the young man to walk freely, albeit with a limp.
Kal spent most of his time at the (now destroyed) forge, either engaged in physical labor or acting as a foreman for newer apprentices.


Kal’s slim backstory is presented in limerick apropos of nothing. Apologies in advance.

There once was a boy named Kal
This is the story of how he found a pal

And how in his employ
He found much joy

Even whilst under the pressure of many Pascal.

Kal was born to a military family
He was last of five boys, all very manly

But the initial celebration
Turned into trepidation

As he had a leg that was weak and gangly.

So it was that Kal was out cast
Albeit strong he could never be fast

He brought much shame
To his kin’s great name

For Kal could never join his appointed caste.

Poor young Kal, he would often weep
At being born the family’s black sheep

When out with his cane
His leg gave him pain

And he would often fall into a heap.

In fact, it was on one such occasion
That Kal fell and suffered an abrasion

He went down with a shout
And then the sun went out

Young Kal had to wonder at the causation.

Young Kal looked up and went white
For what blocked the sun gave him a fright

A man with a beard
He knew people feared

This Samson rivalled giants in strength and height.

Truth be told, Kal feared the worst
With his leg and now this, he thought himself cursed

The man was of ill repute
And was thought a brute

And true enough, the immediate crowd dispersed.

To much surprise Kal was lifted up from the street
And gently set back down on his feet

Before his leg gave him pain
He was even handed his cane

And without a word the giant beat a retreat.

This is how Kal and Seppa first met
Neither knew that one day the two would be a set

Here the tale would begin
How a chance meeting resulted in

A partnership forged on blood, tears and sweat.

The boy so wanted to serve his state
Although he knew he could never don the plate

If his leg would not let him aid
His arm could still make a blade

Seppa’s forge gave him a way to carry his family’s weight

So Kal offered his services to the giant blacksmith
Who appraised the boy with a hand caked in filth

In a tone most flat
He said ‘I can fix that,’

Pointing to Kal’s leg, not quite so lame forthwith.

Within the day Seppa had covered the leg in a metal brace
Allowing young Kal to move with relative grace

His cane now left behind
With joy Kal truly shined

Even stoic Seppa sported a smile on his face.

Alas, at these news Kal’s family groaned
“Apprentice blacksmith Kal” had to be disowned

Although Kal was sad
Having purpose made him glad

Kal and Seppa, together their skills were honed.

Kal, apprentice blacksmith

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