The coming messiah, as a specimen he's quite intimidating, no one matches wits with Gaston!


Gaston’s Followers

DEX 000
STA 000 [] – Inner Furnace
CHA 0000 [] – Charmer
MAN 0000 [][] – Overt Order, Takes one to know one
APP 000 [] – Serpent’s Gaze
PER 00
INT 000
WIT 0000 [] – Meditative Focus

Sun 0 – Penetrating Glare
Health 0 – Assess Health
Chaos 0 – Eye of the Storm
Chaos2 00 – Hornet’s Nest
Prophecy -

Expression 00 – - -
Endurance – - – - -
Conviction 000 – -
Intellect – - – - -


The giants of the cold mountains found pride in not indulging in the half-wit nature of some of their kind. They were never a solitary clan and though they did not fancy the modern structure of the human buildings, keeping themselves to the caves they grew up in, they still embraced most modern conveniences they could adapt. Though they would try their best to get along, mostly with luck, the humans’ modernity and constant strive for better technology moved so much faster than the more conservative giants. Living near Therm their kind had grown fond of their human neighbours, resulting in much cooperation between both parts; the strength and knowledge of the mountains from the giants, and the wits and trades of the humans.
It would not be uncommon to see the large creatures towering above even the tallest humans or having large wooden planks swing but inches above their heads on the shoulders of their tall neighbours.

There was however one who took in this modernity as a sponge. Though trade wasn’t the biggest trade of Therm due to its remoteness, given the chance a certain member of the giant kind would be the first one waiting to see all the workings and learn all the secrets. The complexity of the interactions of all parties fascinated him; this was not limited to the merchants. At every celebration he was sure to either have a hand in it or organizing it.
Gaston stood out among his kind, seeming far more human than half-giant in attitude; and his brothers would insist on appearance too. His kin would even say his strength matched not their own, as all the time he spent in town rather than doing their heavy lifting did become evident as he grew older; but he did grow invaluable to the town. If there was an event, he would be behind it; if messages were sent, he was sure to have worded them; when merchants came, he was sure to get the best deal in town. Even among the taller human women he became quite popular, as it only took one bad experience with a smaller one to step the rest. His idea of beauty was far less like that of his own people and more like that of the humans; their hair grew quite slowly so he had grown his hair his entire life to his shoulders, bleached it blond and maintained his appearance daily.

The most fascinating aspect of these social events was how harmony seemed to spread when peace was kept. Not peace in the sense of calm, but preventing animosity. Gaston would even lend his expertise to the merchants once they left, giving him the chance to experience not only other societies but just how to spread harmony among other people; but he also learned what broke it.

His eyes had to grow sharp, his wits had to grow quick and his presence had to grow strong. He could handle a crowd growing out of control by catching troublemakers before they would rile anyone up, his voice could demand anything and he never let down his calm demeanor if he didn’t plan on it. Sometimes it would take underhanded tactics, but they were usually worth paying.

He grew to learn this was his strongest feature and passion, but just helping merchants haggle or organize parties became too small and petty. He wished to spread his abilities to more people. The more he would talk to people, the more he convinced them that people were the happiest when at peace so harmony would be among them. Everywhere he went with the merchants he would catch, at least temporarily, the interest of some listeners.
He wished to leave the cold mountains for the warm embrace of the world outside, but his kin held him back. For years he would be held back in the mountains. It took the death in old age of his father before his kin would allow him to leave, mostly due to his father’s strong presence. Gaston would attend his funeral as the last thing he would to before leaving for the world. He would watch them lay his father against the great mountain, cover him in rocks and allow him to become part of the mountain among all their ancestors. This was an tradition they held close to their hearts, as becoming a mountain must be the greatest honor one could wish to achieve. The only cost the mountain would accept is a life, but it would not take it until the time was right. Once his soul had had time to pass over the next week, Gaston took all his possessions he could carry, let the merchants take him to the nearest town outside of Therm. From here he would walk the endless bounds of the world and whatever it would take, he would tame it to his will.


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