Gaston's Followers

All the followers of Gaston, added as they become relevant



Krisnys Silverkin – the Poor Blacksmith
p. Only one of the Krisnys’ parents is alive. She has a younger sibling who tends to avoid her if possible, made easy by her traveling. Siblings tended not to get along well in her village. Krisnys is embarrassed by her family. They are refugees forced to flee their home due to war. How does the community react to her family? Well, truthfully the family is respected and trusted among others in the same situation, but frowned upon by those who could afford the luxuries they had to steal.Krisnys has become hated by the inhabitants of her village and church, who have been known to use divine magic against her. She refuses to accept the conditions her family have been pushed into, teaching herself the art of blacksmith by a fluke of luck. Luckily though, she also has won the respect of a large group (about twenty-five people) and allies who can supply funds in a crisis. As for companions she has a guard/hunting animal, a war dog. It is very perceptive and protects her, always staying in a reasonable vicinity of her.

A close friend of hers was arrested for a crime she did not commit. Despite evidence of her innocence, Krisnys’ friend was convicted and executed. This bitter lesson about power and its abuse has stuck with Krisnys. As a result, he has little to no liking for rules and has a hard time accepting any kind of a ruler or leader. She regained some hope for this upon meeting Gaston, though she is not the most trusting member of his group, but has full trust in the goal.

While in Dardaris her skills as a blacksmith were tested, as she was stationed to created chains and caltropes for a coming battle. It was great for her to finally hold a proper hammer in her hand again. With the mighty Seppa reacquainting her with the art of blacksmithing, he kindled a flame in her heart hotter than the steel they were bending, though this seemed to dissipate next to his apprentices; and not to mention himself. Never before had she seen such quality steel either and how he could conjure up so much in a day when he brought a week’s worth of steel on top of everything he already had; worst of all it barely seemed enough by the end. Hopefully he’d have enough by the end of it all for the next week.
Kevlamin “The Bard” and Quinda Fletcher,

Quinda is the older by 8 years, her parents had almost given up on getting her a brother as there were so many stillbirths, so when Kevlamin finally came as a healthy boy they were overjoyed. Their mom never fully recovered, her body being pressed for so long, with the additional problem of little food and dirty living circumstances. The siblings were on good terms with their parents, even if not with each other. Their family were refugees forced to flee their home due to war. Their parents then grew ill and died.
p. Quinda and Kevlamin were made an enemy of a large group (a gang of about twenty-five people) when they stole from the wrong people for food, who turned the local authorities against them. They had the respect of the large group (about the same size) who brought them up after their parents died and allies who provided them with equipment. They had a house pet, a small dog, but when times fell rough and Quina was taking care of her brother, she slayed the dog so they could feed on him. She didn’t tell Kevlamin about this until after they had finished eating him, after he’d been asking where he want for days.
Kevlamin flew into a rage, attacking his sister. He was betrayed by her at a critical moment, her left her with a major wound on her cheek, left upper arm and right chest. Aside from giving her a disfiguring scars, he grew a deep suspicion of those who have not proven themselves trustworthy. The character may be openly suspicious of others, or quiet around them. Kevlamin now pretends that Quinda isn’t there, if possible, but follows her because she is all the family he has left. He plays the lute when he has the time, while Quinda prefers socializing.

When the group was preparing for the festival in Dardaris they were preemptively attacked by hidden assassins, the last thing Kevlamin saw before falling unconscious was his sister falling to the ground almost in rhythm with himself. Their distance, that he was the cause of, had made them ideal targets for a trap to lure their leader out into the open. He cursed himself before falling unconscious, hearing a fading voice screaming “Everyone! G… ins … de!”.
p. Quinda woke up a mere moment after losing consciousness due to an immense pain in her chest, carving open an old wound. It was confusing how one moment she was standing up feeling fine, the next she was getting up, the immense pain disappearing as quickly as it appeared with a large hand grabbing hers, and a voice telling her: “Stand up my child, the world has not heard your last words yet.” and pulling her on her feet. Even though ever muscle in her body ached, she could walk, no she had to walk. He was standing in the line of fire, should she become the target again, she had to live!
p. “Rest my child, the danger is over, you will survive this night.” Were the words Kevlamin heard when he awoke. He would put his hand to his face to cover his tears as he started crying due to the pain, but he was paralyzed. “You will be alright, my child, none of you shall die as long as I live. Now rest.” He said, as he left Kevlamin noticed Gaston wasn’t the only person beside him. She didn’t leave him until her could stand up and do it himself.
Nerisdiana Tigersoul

Both of her parents are alive, but her father is in poor health. She had great enmity for her parents, as she got so little attention. She is one of the middle children in a small family of four, who are all deceased. They all fell ill, Nerisdiana the least however and she survived. So her siblings got all the attention while still alive. Through complicated circumstances involving her father’s business failing, they all became hated by the inhabitants of a large institution, a church, who uses divine magic against them. Luckily, though, the character also has the love of allies who protect her.

She had a period in her life of several months which she simply cannot account for. He has no idea where he was during that time or what she did. Her desire to learn these things is tempered by his fear of what she may discover. This was during the time right before her family fell ill.
p. During a fierce battle, she was wounded and captured by enemies. However she waited patiently, studying the enemy’s weaknesses and taking advantage of them to escape, ultimately hiding in Gaston’s caravan. The character may now have an appreciation for knowing when to fight and when not to. At times, she councils others to step away from a tough battle and use guile to win through it.
p. One of the most influential people in her life, Gaston, taught her the meaning and use of discipline. However, as she learned more from this person, she realized that Gaston had no compassion for others who couldn’t hold up under the discipline. He expressed this when he would take advantage of people unwilling to follow his cause; following the path of the ends justifying the means is a dangerous one. Although she has a good sense of discipline, she understands that everyone is different and can’t necessarily follow the beat of the same drummer that she follows.

In the roughly a year she followed him they grew quite close. LeFue would get jealous of the time they spent together, but at not effect. They grew to love each other, as she looked up tot he compassion he had shown not only when he saved her, but generally through his work.
However, when entering the Chasm’s Deep, thing had started getting risky. As they headed south and as he became more famous, he was also more targeted and generally ran into more problems. Gaston decided he would not lose her, that she had to live on and not risk her life on his journey; even if it meant he would not see her again until he came back from Dardaris.
p. Upon returning from Dardaris he met a much more horrid sight, as the last thing he could remember before collapsing was the sight of her, and 2 other of his followers’, dead bodies in their own house. When he regained consciousness he witnessed them all raise from the ground and onto their feet, eyes red as blood and with death in their hearts.


Gaston's Followers

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