Donkey Dundee

Sneaky, loves animals, doesn't care about people, thief, intelligent


You would have sworn he looked higher when he was sitting on the chair, but it seems his legs are quite small. Donkey Dundee is small, actually only 4 feet “tall”, yet it never seems like he is looking up at you nor you down at him…

Donkey dundee


Donkey and his monkey, Cucumber, lived in a hidden valley where there was a small farm. In the town, named Towlley, they did not need much. They lived off of the nature, herding sheep and fishing fish and growing potatoes where the grass was not needed for sheep to eat.

Donkey had lived here until the war ruined the town and most of the valley. It apparently had a lot of valuable minerals in the ground and without asking or negotiation the armies just invaded the valley and took the houses and everything in them for logistics, killing most of the people that weren’t smart enough to run right away. This was quite a few years back, and Donkey’s unrivalled skill of maintaining a potato patch did not help him much in the gutters of the city, Gefildafish.

Donkey and Cucumber just managed to survive by stealing the odd apple or loaf here and there and getting some coins from performances, because both of them were agile, stealthy and excellent performers. Donkey and Cucumber had been friends as long as Donkey could remember and frankly he does not even know where Cucumber came from, they met at one of his family’s potato patches and he was holding a cucumber in his hand. Donkey, always loving nature and its gifts was friendly and started feeding the monkey, and soon after you would never see one without the other (unless intended of course.

Back in the city Gefildafish, Donkey and Cucumber learned, the hard way, how to survive. By this stage Donkey had lost all hope for humanity because of the greed and selfishness they displayed every single day. In his world there was only him, Cucumber and mother nature he still hadn’t lost hope in.

Always being intelligent, efficient and having some wits, Donkey was soon noticed by some fellow other thieves who convinced him into joining their syndicate. He became stronger and stronger and rose higher and higher in the ranks of the syndicate. Also there he met Dave, his mentor and teacher, probably the wisest man in the syndicate. To this day he is one of the strongest in the guild, unrivalled by any “normal” person, he is probably as strong as all those cheesy heroes he robs frequently, and with ease.

What happens next only the weavers of fate and perhaps a pinch of luck can decide.

Donkey Dundee

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