Darc Volsung

"Savior of Dardaris"


“The Volsung family is a minor noble family with a small amount of land and barely enviable wealth. As the realm cycles further into disarray, the Volsungs’ slight power has waned. The most recent recognized patriarch of the family is Kaos Volsung. Kaos Volsung has four heirs. Aldchar, the oldest, entered the military early in his life and has been missing for years. Peage, the only daughter, has a feeble constitution and has not left the Volsung manor since she was born. Darc Volsung, the middle son, was in training to become a member of the clergy. The youngest son, Voyd, is somewhat of a mystery. Very little information has been found regarding the youngest of the Volsung clan.”
—Excerpt from “History of the Minor Nobility, Part XXII: The Volsungs”

This excerpt, while perfectly accurate when it was written, has become dreadfully obsolete. While the location of Aldchar remains a mystery, Peage and Kaos are long since dead. They were murdered, and their bodies became the twisted magical experiments of the youngest child Voyd. Voyd declared his self the master of the Volsung line; and sealed himself inside the manor. It is assumed that he practices his vile experiments to this day. How do I know all this about the Volsung family? I am Darc Volsung, who escaped from my mentally-ill younger brother when he snapped. I must search for assistance in curing his illness. I also hope to enlist the aid of Aldchar, if he is still living, and I must convey to him the devastation that befell our family.

Voyd is trapped in the manor, as I am outside of it. However, Voyd has determined a way to send his abominations against his enemies outside the manor. I am at the top of his list; he fears that I aim to take the family seat from him. I have resolved to save my family line, either by curing Voyd or, if I must, by ending him. My ancestors’ memory and lineage must be protected from my rogue brother, and that means protecting others from any of his abominations. I carry only one item from my old home, an old relic sword, “Sigmund’s Sword”. This blade was acquired countless ages ago, when the Volsungs were much more powerful, and is said to be a direct gift of the gods. Due to the disarray my family fell into, much of the lore and details of the blade have been lost.

Darc Volsung

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