Duke Charles Henry Young Kong Silverback AKA Cucumber

A Shadow Monkey Companion


Almost from the day Duke Charles was born, he had been miserable. His mother died during childbirth so he was raised by his father King Silverback. King Silverback was the king of the Moratu jungle, one of the largest and most dangerous jungles in the whole world (if not the largest and most dangerous in the world).

Long story short Charles was a bastard. King Silverback did get around a lot, but not once had he brought an illegitimate child into the world. His pure son Prince Silverback, which he had gotten with Queen Silverback, was older than Charles (or Duke Silverback), but not by much, but more importantly he was a legitimate child.

King Silverback was a proud gorilla and even though Duke Charles was a smaller monkey like his mother he was still his son, so he took him in. This brought him some shame, but he did not care because blood is blood and he took care of his own. The King loved both of his sons, maybe Charles a bit more, because he reminded him of his mistress, who he had loved so much.

Duke Charles lived in misery. Almost everyone hated or despised and even though his father loved him and helped him the King could not always be around (in fact he was almost never around), so his stepmother and his brother ran the show, and most people in the royal court were on their side.

Now basically typical shit happens, he gets bullied, mistreated and so on, ending in him leaving the kingdom to find a brighter future. He did travel for months or maybe even years, going with the armies or merchants or bards who enjoyed his company, but never did he stay in one place for a long time.

Then one day he gets to a valley literally in the middle of nowhere, with a merchant. The valley had a town called Towlley, which was a lovely place. The duke (an empty title in Charles’s eyes) walks around town on the rooftops when a bowl of vegetables catch his eyes. He does fetch one of them, a Cucumber (his favorite veggie), and runs away before someone finds him stealing, running into the backyard.

Donkey looks up at this pitch black monkey that has stolen one of his cucumbers. He smiles. He approaches the monkey slowly trying to get closer to it, and pulls out a biscuit and hands it to the monkey.

Charles likes this rather small person, he is not as intimidating as all the bigger people and he is not mad at him for stealing his cucumber, he seems rather entertained and weirdly happy. He takes the biscuit from the person and pockets it, and then continues eating the cucumber. Charles then decides to stick around for a couple of days.

Every day Charles goes to the small human called Donkey Dundee. He likes him, they are like minded. Every day Donkey has a bowl of vegetables ready for when Charles comes to visit, they like each others company, and slowly form a bond.

Several months have passed and these days one almost never sees Donkey with his monkey Cucumber. Who would have thought this silly human named Duke Charles Henry Young Kong Silverback, Cucumber, but so was and Charles didn’t mind, actually he liked it.

Cucumber was actually happy for once in his life. He had found a real friend and he was treated as an equal, by this stump of a human. Life was good, but how long would it last?

Everyone in town knew about the joyous duo. They were quite the entertainers and everyone who passed by the town knew of them in some way or another, either from hearing about them when talking or meeting them in the local bar at one of their unscheduled events.

Duke Charles Henry Young Kong Silverback AKA Cucumber

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