Char the Raven

The wary red eyes always watch the surroundings with perfect focus and concentration. Silent, the white raven sits upon the steeled shoulder of a man, who – like the bird itself – is a rarity in the human world


Char was almost pecked to death by his relatives as a young due to the difference in the colour of his feathers. The Sar’za used their excellent long-lived breed of ravens to get rid of small rodents and reptiles that often swarmed their desert in search for food and water, but they were also known as birds with perfect senses and the most talented tended to be used as scouts. Char, however, was not a bird that would excel in any of the tasks and he was long being shown simply as a curiosity.

Still nameless at the time, his fate was sealed when Sar’za’s, who have reached the end of their ritual journey, started arriving to the tribe of Scorched plains to join a new clan. In order to do so, they had to prove their skills in combat, hunt, craft or whatever the role they desired asked from them. Among the hunters, young Ar from the distant clan of Gen, showed such aptitude, that he could track and bring down any beast of the desert without the use of hunting animals and he was one of the first to gain the status of adult. The rare white raven was given to him with the words ‘no Sar’za hunter should ever be without a raven at his side’.

Ar’gen didn’t like the bird at first, for his skills were mediocre at best, but despite being a poor hunter’s companion, Ar’gen soon realized the white feathered creature was always on alert, aware of everything that was going on around him and in short time he was capable of training him to watch out for his gear and warn him when someone unexpected was coming close. He named him Char, a modification of his own name which means ‘silent’, for the raven rarely ever made a sound.

Char the Raven

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