Ar'gen Dai

A ferocious predator, this bounty hunter is always ready to face a new challenge... if the price is good enough


Even among other Sar’za, Ar’gen Dai would be considered an immensely ugly individual, but the tall bounty hunter has never taken it as a disadvantage. Quite the contrary – he has always enjoyed the terrified look on the face of his prey once he removed his mask, especially if those he hunted were humans.

His hatred towards the humans has roots deep in the Sar’za culture, since his small tribe had lots of border clashes with neighbouring human colonies for decades. Sar’za’s inborn inclinations towards violence soon turned small disputes into a bloody brawl, that never truly ended and the bitterness of the old was passed down onto their progeny, young Ar’gen included. Growing up in the tribe of Scorched plains, where he joined his adult clan, also left the mark on his relationship towards humans, since the bitterness of the Desert battles was still echoing through its people.

Even though Ar’gen Dai lacked natural beauty, he was a gifted and passionate hunter, but animals living in the woods soon ceased to be enough of an excitement to satisfy his thirst for a good chase and he appeared to be in need of a more dangerous game than bears and wolves. The next in line were the humans. Yet despite his love of the sport, Ar’gen wasn’t stupid as to slay people just for fun and knowing there were enough Sar’za willing to pay to see a specific human (and even another Sar’za) dead, he made a job out of the thing he loved the most.

Though unknown to the wide world, Ar’gen Dai had quite a reputation in his clan and the neighbouring human settlements, since over time he managed to find new ways of locating the people he was after even though they often tried to hide or escape from him. Although he wasn’t very keen on that, if paid well, he was willing to bring human targets back alive, although they very rarely got out of the encounter unharmed.

The dread he evoked in humans was not caused only by his gruesome appearance, but also by the powerful relic he wielded – a mace of menacing look and formidable power, for which he gave almost all of the fortune he earned during his successful career. Forged out of weapons of the heroes of Desert battles and having hilt inlaid with polished human bones, the mace is extremely powerful when used against human beings.

On his quest to become the best bounty hunter of the realms, Ar’gen is accompanied by an albino raven, whose silent, red eyes warily observe his surroundings from his master’s shoulder. Char the Raven can often be seen sitting on Ar’gen’s gear and is always ready to alert him in case somebody would try to touch take anything of the things he guards. Char seems to be the only creature towards which Ar’gen has some sort of sympathy.

While working for his people, Ar’gen started to worship Valice, patron of hunters and claims that some of his powers have come from the Queen of Thorns herself, but such claims have never been confirmed or disproved.

Ar'gen Dai

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