• ???


    An Unknown Assassin Of Some Skill
  • Ar'gen Dai

    Ar'gen Dai

    A ferocious predator, this bounty hunter is always ready to face a new challenge... if the price is good enough
  • Baruk


    A Mysterious Merchant and Alchemist
  • Char the Raven

    Char the Raven

    The wary red eyes always watch the surroundings with perfect focus and concentration. Silent, the white raven sits upon the steeled shoulder of a man, who – like the bird itself – is a rarity in the human world
  • Councillor Reese

    Councillor Reese

    Is Reese Even His Real Name?
  • Darc Volsung

    Darc Volsung

    "Savior of Dardaris"
  • Dav


    Fence of the Syndicate, Patron of the Silver Feather, Friend of DD
  • Donkey Dundee

    Donkey Dundee

    Sneaky, loves animals, doesn't care about people, thief, intelligent
  • Faris


    Wandering Knight of the Lost City
  • Gaston


    The coming messiah, as a specimen he's quite intimidating, no one matches wits with Gaston!
  • Gaston's Followers

    Gaston's Followers

    All the followers of Gaston, added as they become relevant
  • Kal, apprentice blacksmith

    Kal, apprentice blacksmith

    Soft spoken but sociable, Kal is Seppa loyal second
  • Landris


    Young Star Sworn
  • Lefou


    Small, especially when next to his master, devout, fast speaking, reliable
  • Smythling


    Baruk's Dour Servant
  • Voyd Volsung

    Voyd Volsung

    Putting The Art in Atrocity